Kendall Weblab is an on-line media laboratory designd by the students of Kendall College of Art and Design.

Games, Animation, video, film, television, tablets, phones, and the web...the question is "what's not digital now"? In our Digital Media Program, you can focus in:

Digital Imaging: Includes concept and production art for games, animation, and film.

2D Animation: Create cartoons for games, animation, and film.

Video and Motion Graphics: Animated Graphic Design.

3D Game Art: Character animation and 3D motion graphics.

Interactive Design: Design for the web, mobile media, and games.

Kendall Wayfinding Project

Steve Heneveld • 2D Animation 2006
Director •  Industry Report

David Van Tuyle • 2D Animation 2012 

James Suhr • Illustration 1999
Story Board Artist • Industry Report

Cody Sielawa • Interactive Design 2012
Visual Designer

Jessica Bradham •  2D Animation 2011

Drew Hill • Digital Imaging 2006
Concept Artist • Industry Report

Darren Geers • Digital Imaging 2010
Concept Artist • Industry Report

Bob Ward • Imaging 2005
Creative Advertising Manager

Comfort Love & Adam Withers • Imaging 2012
Comic Book Producers • Industry Report

Brittany Zeller • Digital Imaging 2006
Retail Illustrator • Industry Report

Becky Boensch • Digital Imaging 2005
3D Artist • Industry Report

Ryan Aeschliman • 3D Animation 2012
3D Designer

Angela Tidball • 3D Animation 2011
Motion Graphics Animator

Bill Bergen • Video & Motion Graphics 2003
Videographer • Industry Report

Hilary Kempkers • Interactive Design 2007
Multi-Media Designer

Jaime Ekkens • Digital Imaging 2007
Independent Film Maker

Diana Frurip • Interactive Design 2009
Senior Designer

Nick McVey • 3D Animation 2013
Primary Interface Designer

Ryan Petrick • Interactive Design 2007

Alyn Tran • Imaging 2012

Tieka Dierolf • Interactive Design 2010
Fashion Blogger

Click here to view demo reel.2013 Digital Media Demo Reel [7 minute][2 minute]

Interactive Program Plan


Matt Geerling
2d Animation

2d animation

Let There Be Life

2D animation

Drew Hill

Drew Hill
2D animation

2d animation

M. Spackman
2D animation

Digital Painting

Concept Art

Tyler Wayner

Tyler Wayner
Retail Design

Santiago, McCloy, Brewster

Game Art

Kate Flynn

Kate Flynn
Comic Art

Super Team

Short Film

Bryan Smith

Brian Smith
Motion Graphics

Emily Schneider

Emily Schneider
Motion Graphics

Carly Gussert


Dustin Mccloy

Dustin McCloy
3D Imaging

Angie Hauch and Angie Tidball

Hauch & Tidball
3D Animation

Drew Hill

Josh Miller
3D Concept Art

Ryan Aeschliman

Ryan Aeschliman
3D Simulation

Tyler Wayne
Web Design


App Concept


App Production

Brenda Snell

Brenda Snell
Game Production

Darren Geers- Concept Artist

Steve Heneveld-Storyboard Artist, Nickelodeon

Doug Berger-VML Studio Art Manager

Comfort and Adam- Comic Book Creators

Boensch and Geerling- VML 3D animators and designers


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Drew Hill

Drew Hill

Character Design

Susan Bonner

Digital painting with flats.

Darren Geers

Darren Geers

Digital Painting- Painterly