Careers: Story Boarding, Character/Background Design and Animation for Cartoons, Features, Advertising, Info-Graphics and Games, delivered via Web, TV, Mobile Media and Film.

2D ANIMATION FOCUS students will create works that integrate core art and illustration skills with digital technologies. They will combine a variety of digital imaging techniques to produce high-level, character and story driven animation. Graduates will be able to apply a theoretical understanding of 2D animation, a detailed working knowledge of a range of contemporary computer graphics software and practical experience gained from a project-based learning program.

James Heirman 2D Animation 2005
Animator, Bardel Entertainment
Kelowna, Canada
Animator, Yeti Farm Animation Studio
Kolowna, Canada

Steve Heneveld 2D Animation 2006
Storyboard Artist: Nickelodeon, Burbank, CA
Freelance Storyboarder: Represented by Frameworks, Burbank CA
Storyboard Artist: Mean Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
Storyboard artist - Dreamworks Animation Television Studio
Director at Dreamworks Television

James Suhr 2D Animation 2003
Graduate School: UCLA, Animation
Storyboard and Animatics: Nickelodeon, Making Friends, Burbank, CA, 2007
Storyboard Artist: Disney Animation Studios

David VanTuyle 2D Animation 2012
2D Animator, Yeti Studios, Grand Rapids, MI
Animator, Hot House Productions, LA
Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Jessica Bradham 2D Animation 2011
Lead Artist: PowerPets
Digital Artist & Animate Programmer: Game Land 4 Girls
Digital Artist & Animate Programmer : Luraverse
Game Designer/Animator: School Zone Publishing, Grand Haven, MI

Becky Boensch 2D Animation 2005
3d Animator: Guru Studio
Toronto, Canada
Graduate School: Savannah College, 3D Animation
Game Animator/Illustrators: Biggs/Gilmore Interactive Agency, Kalamazoo, MI
Addy: Gold for 2d Animation and Interactive

Robyn Burns 2D Animation 2013
Animation Intern: The Geek Group

Jamie Carroll 2D Animation 2010
Illustrator/Animator Designer: Schoolzone Publishing, Grand Haven, MI

Kristin Chapman 2D Animation 2009
Game Designer/Animator: Hero Interactive, Benton Harbor, MI\

Staci Dartis 2D Animation 2012
Graphic Designer, Precise Printing, Indianapolis IN
Graduate Student, IUPUI School of Informatics, Indianapolis IN
Digital Media Designer
Gannett Company, Indianapolis, IN

Na Na Dong 2D Animation 2014
Cheeri Toons

Naomi Fish Drawing with Digital Media
Minor 2007
Animator: Supergenius, Portland OR
Contract Animator: Deep Sky, Portland OR

Rob Graham 2D Animation 2012
Animator, See Beneath, San Diego, CA
Digital Artist: Underground Printing
Ann Arbor, MI

James Heirman 2D Animation 2005
Addy: Gold in Interactive
Azkoul Multimedia (Interactive)
Game Animator/Illustrators: Biggs/Gilmore Interactive Agency, Kalamazoo, MI
Animator, Cartoon Network, Burbank CA

Drew Hill 2D Animation and
Digital Imaging 2006
Artist/Animator: WMS, Chicago, IL
HOW Magazine: feature illustration,
January 2009
Addy: Gold for 2d Animation and Interactive
Nicktoons Animation Festival: Monster on the Moon selected to air.
Concept Artist - EPIC Games
Raliegh, NC

Jeremiah Johnson 2D Animation 2005
Position: FatKat Animation Studios, Canada Cartoon Character Designer/Animator: Animation Collective, animation production studio for Cartoon Network and
Nickelodeon, NYC
Animation Director: Biggs Gilmore,
Kalamazoo, MI
Creative, Big Event Studios
Grand Rapids, MI

Alex Krumwiede 2D Animation 2010
Designer: Animate Developer, Raytheon,
Detroit, MI

Taylor Overbay 2D Animation
Program Director for Digital Media
South Louisiana Community College

London Parker 2D Animation 2011
Art Institute Graduate School
San Francisco, CA

Ahmad Phillips 2D Animation 2011
Interface Designer, Mobile Lifestyle
Animator, Arg! Animation Studio,
Colorodo Springs, CO
Video Editor: FANAR, Qatar
Game Design and animation,
International Islamic Online Home School, Qatar

Ben Pozniak 2D Animation 2007
Designer/Animator: Biggs/Gilmore interactive agency, Kalamazoo, MI
Instructor, WMCAT

Jenn Roon 2D Animation 2007
Info-Graphics Animator: Life,
On-line Counseling, Grand Rapids

Tom Ryan Stout Digital Imaging 2009
Intern (Spongebob and Penguins): Nickelodeon, Burbank, CA

Bryan Smith 2D Animation 2012
MFA Program: Academy of Art University
Nickelodeon, Burnank CA

Michelle Spackman 2D Animation 2012
Animator, Schoolzone Publishing
Grandhaven, MI
Freelance, Michelle Spackman Studio, Grand Rapids, MI Illustrator/Designer
Magnum Coffee, Nunica, MI
Advanced Central Services, Grand Rapids, MI

Bob Ward Digital Imaging 2005
Creative Marketing Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
Digital Illustrator: Gnomon School
of Visual Effects
Production Artist: The Gnomon Workshop, Hollywood, CA
Print & Animation: Magnum Coffee,
Nunica, MI
Creative Advertising: Manager Gnomon School
Gallery Artist

Scott Wygmans Digital Imaging 2009
Interns (Spongebob and Penguins): Nickelodeon, Burbank, CA
Art Battle: Won 2008
Teacher: WMCAT, Grand Rapids MI

Elizabeth Zimmerman 2D Animation 2010
Addy: Gold, Motion Graphics - District
Contract Animator: Brunswick Corp.
Muskegon, MI
Animator: West Michigan Environmental Action Council