Careers: Hard and Soft Surface 3D Modeling and texturing, 2D and 3D Concept Illustration and Animation for Games.

Course Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Modo, Maya, ZBrush, After Effects, Animate

3D GAME ART FOCUSED students will create works that integrate core modeling and Imaging skills with digital media technology. They will have an understanding of digital drawing/painting, 3D Modeling/sculpting/Surfacing and Animation to create a wide range of game-based art. There is substantial flexibility in the degree of specialization/generalization built into the curriculum that allows students to develop portfolios in one or more of the professions listed below. Graduates will be able to apply a theoretical understanding of 3D Game Art, a detailed working knowledge of a range of contemporary computer graphics software and practical experience gained from a project-based learning program.

Becky Boensch
3D Animator, GURU Studio

Jennifer Gustafson 3D Animation 2009
3D Animator, Micro Image Animation
3D Character Animator
DHX Studios, Vancouver BC
Nerd corps Animation, Vancouver CA
3D Artist
Idol Minds, Luiscille, CO

Nick McVey 3D Animation 2013
Concept Artist and Design Intern: YETI CGI, Grand Rapids
Primary Interface Designer
Idol Minds, Luiscille, CO

Angela Tidball 3D Animation 2011
Designer: Gorilla Studios
Motion Graphics Animator: Storytelling Pictures, Grand Rapids, MI
Motion Graphics Animator
StoryTelling Pictures, Grand Rapids, MI

Kevin Young 3D Game Art 2018
3DModeler & Texture Artist
Blizzard Entertainment: World Of Warcraft
Irvine, California

Ryan Aeschliman 3D Animation 2012
3D Modeler, Oddly Even
Big Frog T-Shirts, Naperville, MI

Melissa Anys 3D Animation 2010
Art Teacher: Sayfol Internationall School, Sabah, Indonesia
Freelance 3D Artist

Adam Beasley 3D Animation 2005
3D Animator: Battery Studio, Grand Rapids MI
3D Animator: Visual Alchemy,
Grand Rapids, MI

Jacob Becker 3D Game Art 2016
Game Artist, Underbite Games
Grand Rapids, MI

Johan Daza 3D Animation 2008
3D Animator and Storyboardist
Storyboard Artist: Life Options Group, Grandville, MI

Angela Hauch 3D Animation 2011
Contract Animator: University of
Chicago Hospital

Brandi Koloski 3D Game Art 2018
Social Media Designer
i3 Business Solutions, Grand Rapids, MI
3D modeler/Marketing Designer
Underbite Games, Grand Rapids, MI

Isaac Karth 3D Animation 2007
Designer/Animator: Panacore Multimedia Studio, Houston, TX

Bill Langford 3D Animation 2009
Graduate: Vancouver Film School Graduate Program, 3D Animation
3D Modeling and Animation: Dartfrog Creative Grand Rapids , MI

Dustin McCoy 3D Animation 2014
3D Design Intern
Externacgi, Grand Rapids, MI
3D artist at Reset Game Studio
Kalamazoo, MI

Ksenia Odinokova 3D Animation 2007
3D Animation - Graduate Program: School of Visual Arts - NYC

Gabriel Schwall 3D Game Art 2016
Game Artist, Underbite Games
Grand Rapids, MI

Chris Shamus 3D Animation 2010
Audit Student 2010
Amway Corporation, Lightwave Training

Case Silva 3D Animation 2010
Animate Developer: Geeky Cool Media LLC
3D Modeling Apprentice: Yeti CGI

Lydia Zanotti 3D Game Art 2017
3D Environment/prop Artist
Sony: Santa Monica CA
Environment Modeler
Volition games, Champaign Il.