Careers: Story Board, Concept, Character, Background, Production Art and User Interface Design for Games, Animation and Film. Imaging for Comics, Retail, Informational and Editorial media. Delivery systems include Web, Print, Mobile, Film and Retail products such as clothing and toys.

Course Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate, Painter, Sketch-up, Aftereffects, Poser

VISUAL DEVELOPMENT students will create works that integrate core Imaging skills with digital media technology. They will have an understanding of digital drawing, painting, and compositing to create a wide range of image-based media. There is substantial flexibility in the degree of specialization and generalization built into the curriculum that allows students to develop portfolios in one or more of the professions listed below. Graduates will be able to apply a theoretical understanding of Visual Development, a detailed working knowledge of a range of contemporary computer graphics software and practical experience gained from a project-based learning program.

Comfort Love and Adam Withers
Digital Imaging 2004
Principals, Creators: 'The Uniques', 'Unique Tales' and 'Rainbow In The Dark' comic series.
2011 Harvey Awards nominees for Most Promising New Talent and Best Anthology

Alyn Tran Imaging 2012
Digital Production Artist: Riester
Interactive Designer: Optimal Solutions
Grand Rapids, MI
Designer, Williams Group, Grand Rapids, MI

Nolan Nasser Imaging 2014
Art Director: 2c Gaming
N3 - Studio, Grand Rapids, MI
Deep Water Games: Principle
Grand Rapids. MI

Darren Geers Digital Imaging 2010
2D artist: Twitch TV,
Sn Francisco, CA
Freelance Concept Artist,
Grand Rapids, MI
Lead Concept Artist: Loreaon Games
Interactive Designer: Pezus
Lead Concept Artist: Elliptic Games
Lead Artist: Studiovania, CA

Drew Hill 2D Animation and
Digital Imaging 2006
Artist/Animator: WMS, Chicago, IL
HOW Magazine: feature illustration,
January 2009
Addy: Gold for 2d Animation and Interactive
Nicktoons Animation Festival: Monster on the Moon selected to air.
Concept Artist - EPIC Games
Raliegh, NC

Corey McGill Digital Imaging 2016
2D Animation Artist, Novomatic

Dana Albrecht Digital Imaging 2005
Manager/Artist: Underground Studio in the LaFonstee Gallery, Grand Rapids, MI

Gabriel Aleman-Gordon 2D Animation 2011
Graphic Designer, Group Tour Media
Holland, MI
Print Media Designer
Advanced Central Services
Grand Rapids, MI

Cody Bater 3D Animation 2010
Laser Tech., Supernova, Lansing, MI

Rayna Brewster
Quality Assurance: SchoolZone
Grand Haven, MI

Colin Chan Digital Imaging 2013
2D Artist, Novomatic
Chicago, IL
Freelance Concept Artist/Illustrator

Donna Christiansen Digital Imaging 2003
Illustrator/Animator: School Zone – Learning Products, Grand Haven, MI

David Du Digital Imaging 2003
Illustrator/Animator: School Zone – Learning Products, Grand Haven, MI

Lisa Dubois Imaging 2013
Storyboard and Production Artist
Sunny Boy Entertainment, Pasadena, CA
Lead Artist
Boom! Studios, Los Angeles, CA

George Eberhardt Digital Imaging 2008
Art Battle Grand Rapids: Winner 2008
Art Battle Detroit: Winner 2009
WMCAT, Grand Rapids MI
Full Time Instructor, West Michigan Center for Art and Technology Grand Rapids, MI

Jaime Ekkens Digital Imaging 2007
School of Visual Arts: Masters in
3D Animation
Addy: Silver for Illustration, Gold regional in motion graphics, Silver district in Motion Graphics
Internship: MTV in 1515
Broadway Studioes
Motion Graphics: VH1

Mike Emig
Digital Imaging and Interactive Design 2009
Freelance Illustrator Acramill Illustration, Grand Rapids MI

Eloisa Encarnation Digital Imaging 2014
Designer,Advanced Central Services
Grand Rapids, MI

Kate Flynn Digital Imaging 2014
Kate Flynn Studios
Liar's Dice

Zack Gorman Digital Imaging 2007
Full Time Comic Artist, Detroit Mi

Helen Griffin Digital Imaging 2002
UI Developer: American Greetings, Cleveland, OH
Web Designer: HB Creative, Cleveland, OH

Jesse Handrick Imaging 2009
Arts Educator: Grand Rapids Public Library

Nata Hearn 3D Animation 2012
Graphic Artist
Color Incorporated, Grand Rapids, MI

Jason Heuser Digital Imaging 2009
Freelance Concept Artist
Nationally recognized for his re-imagined history print series Marketing Artist: Kixeye Gaming, San Francisco, CA

Krista Hill Imaging 2015
Desktop Artist, Valassis
Phoenix, AZ

Randy Hoffmeyer Digital Imaging 2007
Web Graphics and Banner Ads: WOOD TV, Grand Rapids, MI
Web Graphics and Banner Ads: PSG

Ed Kindsvater Imaging 2016
Designer, Advanced Central Services
Grand Rapids, MI

Paridee Koitchiranant Digital Imaging 2002
Employed: Triple Five Soul and RocaWear – NYC, Parsons Graduate Program NYC - Fashion Design
Designer: Triple5Soul, Brooklyn, NY
Designer: Rocawear, New York, NY
Designer: Polo-Ralph Lauren, New York, NY

Bethany Krupiarz Imaging 2013
MA from SVA in Visual Effects
Digital Artist, Mighty Coconut
Austin, Texas

Rachel Lehmkuhle Imagine 2003
Account Executive
Hound Comics

Amy Lilicy Imaging 2013
Designer, Advanced Central Services
Grand Rapids, MI

Troy Look Digital Imaging 2004
Design Director, Oni Press

Nathan Manikas Digital Imaging 2012
Concept Artist: Ironbelly Studios
Concept Artist: Graceworks Interactive

Lindsay Mathers Imaging 2013
Graphic Designer
Luxe Marketing and Sales

Myn Yang (Imaging 2016)
Associate Art Director: GameSamba
Everett ,Washington

Kaitlyn Heyworth (Visual Development 2018)
2D Game Artist: Heavy Thought Studios, Chicago Il.

Logan Matthews Imaging 2016
Imaging Specialist: CLICK Group
Farmington Hills, MI

Kait Mayne Digital Imaging 2012
First Impressions Sign Co., Stevensville, MI
Lead Graphic Artist
Competitive Edge, Stevensville MI

Branden Miltgen Digital Illustration 2004
Illustrator/Designer: School Zone (kids learning tools), Grand Haven, MI

Brad Morgan Digital Imaging 2013
Freelance Illustrator

Kyle Morris Digital Imaging 2007
Digital Illustrator: Neighborhoodies, Detroit, MI
Designer/Illustrator: Mars Hill Church, Grand Rapids, MI
Designer: Create My Tee, Grand Rapids, MI
Designer/Illustrator: ePrize, Detroit, MI
Graphic Designer, Hello World Inc., Detroit, MI

Brei Mysiak Digital Imaging 2004
Interactive Designer: Postworks, New York, NY

Anthony Neal Imaging 2009
Graphic Artist
Grand Rapids, MI

Shelby Newman Imaging 2013
Digital Artist
Hicks Photography, Fenton, MI

Jessica Newton Digital Imaging 2013
Illustrator/designer, Multimedia Designer Black Lake Studio, Holland MI
Web Graphics and Banner Ads: PSG

Matt Olack Digital Imaging 2014
Staff Artist at SAP America, Newtown Square, PA

Mallette Pagiano Digital Imaging 2008
Product and Package Design: Round 2, South Bend, IN
Illustrator/Graphic Design: Magnum Coffee, Grand Haven, MI
Internship: WSBT News, South Bend, IN
Interactive Designer: Concept to Promotion, Benton Harbor, MI
Children's Book Illustrator, Cuddlenook

Aaron Piland Digital Imaging 1999
Feature Editorial Digital Illustrator: Conde Nast Publications (including Wired Magazine)
Freelance: Apak, Bristol, UK

Claudia Pimentel Digital Imaging 2011
Freelance Illustrator

Jacob Pryor Interactive Design 2016
Imaging Specialist: Mullen Lowe
Winston-Salem, NC
Imaging Specialist at Barkley USA
Kansas City, MO

Elizabeth Ratliff Digital Imaging 2003
Marketing Manager: Great Lakes Scrip Center, Grand Rapids, MI
Advertising Lead: Amway Global, Ada, MI
Production Designer: Gorilla Pictures,
Grand Rapids, MI

Jenn Roon Digital Imaging and 2D Animation 2007
Addy: Gold Regional and Silver District in 3D Animation
Illustrator: Wireman Comics
Contract Animation: Life Options Group On-line Counseling, Grandville, MI
Graphic Designer/Illustrator: Mars Hill Church

Fredy Santiago Imaging 2013
Neff Headwear, Camarillo CA

Josh Schimke Imaging 2014
Advance Central Services, Grand Rapids, MI

Bryan Smith 2D Animation 2012
Illustrator, Splattered Ink Press

Abigail Southworth
Digital Imaging and Interactive Design 2009
Storyboards: Life Options Group On-line Counseling, Grandville, MI
Digital Illustrator/Designer: Biggs-Gilmore Advertising, Kalamazoo, MI

Evie Stormzand Imaging 2014
Designer at Advance Central Services,
Grand Rapids, MI

Erica Syverson Imaging 2014
Lead Artist: Gaia Online

Tina Uhazie Imaging 2012
Art Screener, Stahls

Sterling Warners 3D Animation 2010
Contract Designer, GH Imaging

Brittany Zeller Digital Imaging 2006
Addy: Gold, Interactive in District
Greeting Card and Merchandise Illustrator: Hallmark, Kathy Davis, Colorbok companies
Freelance: Two if by Sea:
Colorbok companies:
Kathy Davis Greetings:
Intership: Hallmark Greetings:

Peyton Hartwig (imaging 2018)
Art Education Specialist
KRASL Art Center, St. Joe, MI