Careers: Design and Motion Graphics for Web, Game, Advertising and Mobile Device Interfaces.

Course Software: Dreamweaver, Animate, Edge, Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator

INTERACTION DESIGN students will create works that integrate core graphic design skills with digital media technologies. They will be able to develop rich interactive media for the web, games and mobile media. Students will acquire complete fluency in theoretical concepts of interactive design, technical facility with a range of graphics software, and the practical experience gained from a project-based learning program.

Chris Oosting,
Interactive Designer: VML, Kalamazoo, MI

Amanda Lumley, Interactive Design 2016
Design Intern

Jake McVey, Interactive Design 2013
Interactive Design Intern: Stevens Advertising,
Grand Rapids,MI Blizzard Entertainment, Irvine CA
Interactive Designer: Brightly, Grand Rapids, MI
Designer, VML
UX Visual Designer

Cody Sielawa, Interactive Design 2012
Interactive Designer: Neural Planet, Grand Rapids, MI
Interactive Designer : Biggs-Gilmore, Kalamazoo, MI
Mighty in the Midwest, Grand Rapids MI
Visual Designer, Google, Mountain View CA

Hilary Kempkers, Interactive Design 2007
Interactive Designer: Sanborn Media Factory, New York, NY

Gus Alaniz, Interactive Design 2007
Interactive Designer: Captus Creative,
Grand Rapids, MI

Jon Alderink, Interactive Design 2017
Web Developer, YAC Social
Grand Rapids, MI

Johnny B. Allen, Interactive Design: 2006
Web Designer: Wood TV, Grand Rapids, MI
On-Line Content Director: Clear Channel Communications, Grand Rapids, MI

Abby Archambault, Interactive Design 2015
Graphic Designer: Har and Cooley
Grand Rapids, MI
Graphic Designer, FOX 17 Television
Grand Rapids, MI
Multimedia Designer, Kmotion Design
Grand Rapids, MI
Visual/UX Designer: KCAD Weblab
Grand Rapids, MI

Pierre Babbitt, Interactive Design 2015
Interactive Designer, SDI Consulting
Grand Rapids, MI

Jaymz Barber, Interactive Design 2006
Lead Designer: Icavia - Emerging Technology Advertising Agency (07)I
Lead Designer: Creative Architect 2009

Eric Bartos, Interactive Design 2008
Motion Graphics Animator: Life Options Group On-line Counseling, Grandville, MI
Graphic Designer:
Interactive Designer: ZBx Technology
Principal: Eric Bartos Design

Chad Bitner, Interactive Design 2017
Junior User Experience Engineer,
Youngsoft, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI

Adam Bodrie, Interactive Design 2008
Interactive and Motion Designer:
Bolger And Battle Avertising

Melissa Boverhof, Interactive Design 2014
Website Designer at PDS Print & Digital Solutions, A Division of the Pioneer Group
Big Rapids, MI
Lead UX/UI Designer
Grand Apps, Grand Rapids,MI

Katelin Brown, Graphic Design 2008
Graphic Designer: Element (Ad Agency)
De Pere, WI

Alyssa Campbell, Interactive Design 2001
Lead Interactive Designer: Media Rare, Grand Rapids, MI

Mary Clifford, Interactive Design 2016
UX/UI Design Contractor: Priority Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Cynthia Cooper, Interactive Design
Grand Rapids, MI

Shandon Cordosa, Interactive Design 2017
Interactive Designer, SDI Consulting
Grand Rapids, MI

Kelli Coulson, Interactive Design 2012
Bit Studios, Grand Rapids, MI
Web Developer/Designer
Thinkbox Creative

Casey Davis, Interactive Design 2015
Interactive Designer
Stevens Advertising, Grand Rapids, MI

Samskee deBourbon, Interactive Design 2010
Web Designer: Motion marketing & Media
Support Technician, Liquid Web

Sean DePottey, Interactive Design 2016
Web Designer/Developer,
Andronaco Industries
Kentwood, MI

Tieka Dierolf, Interactive Design 2010
Interactive Designer: Williams Group,
Grand Rapids, MI
Fashion Blogger: Selective Potential

Tony Ellison, Interactive Design 2015
Interactive Designer
Varsity News Network, Grand Rapids, MI

Pete Fecteau, Interactive Design 2007
Senior Web Designer: Salvation Army
Design Integrator: Spout

Katie Fisher, Motion Graphics 2014
Social Media Designer
AGAR, Cincinnati, Ohio

Diana Frurip, Interactive Design 2009
Addys: Gold and Judges choice for
Motion Graphics 09
Interactive Designer: Sanborn Media Factory, New York, NY
Visual Designer: RGA, NYC
Main Designer (Print and Web): Kargo,
New York City, NY

Andy Gabry, Interactive Design 2017
Interactive Designer
Innereactive Media, Grand Rapids MI

Chad Gast, Interactive Design and Motion Graphics 2004
Principal/Creative Director: – Web and Video Agency, Grandville, MI

Josh Glovak, Interactive Design 2014
Stevens Advertising, Grand Rapids, MI

Samantha Harding, Interactive Design 2014
Digital Art Designer (Design, animation, illustration)
Perrigo. Allegan MI
Photography Editor
iLook Magazine
Web Designer, Solidus Design,
Grand Rapids, Mi

Roz Heidtke, Interactive Design 2011
Principal: Wild Things Design [interactive, graphic and animation design]
Interactive and Print Designer: Dairyland Printing, Viroqua, WI

Alex Krumwiede, Imaging 2010
Detroit media Partnership

Justin Ludwig, Imaging 2015
Web Developer, Kmotion Design
Grand Rapids MI
Interactive Designer

Kat Magee, Interactive Design 2016
UX Designer, C2 Group
Grand Rapids, MI
Design Intern: IBM- Watson
Grand Rapids, MI

Zac Magee, Interactive Design 2016
Interactive Designer; Knorr Marketing
Traverse City, MI

Nick McVey, Interactive Design 2013
UI/UX Artist
KPMG, Denver CO.
User Interface Designer
Idol Minds Games, Denver Colorado

TJ Michael, Interactive Design 2013
Freelance Interactive Designer and
Video Clients:
Treadstone Martgage, The Fulton Group, Tulip Time, Pools by Pove

Adam Murphey, Interactive Design 2002
Murphy Design, Grand Rapids, MI

Jacob Myer, Interactive Design 2014
Digital Designer, Pixelvine
Freeport, MI

Brie Mysiak, Interactive Design 2005
Designer: Postworks – Interactive and
Video Agency

Jessica Newton, Imaging 2013
Visual/UX Designer: KCAD Weblab
Grand Rapids, MI

Chris Oosting, Interactive Design 2009

Tony Owen, Interactive Design 2010
Interactive Designer:, an online mobile device retailer
Interactive Design 2009
Interactive Marketing Directer, Mophie,
Long Beach CA
Owner of
Interactive Marketing Directer, Rhythm Interactive, Long Beach CA

Ryan Petrick, Interactive Design 2007
Addy: Gold and Best of Show in
Interactive, 2009
Principal/Creative Director: – Interactive Agency
Art Director - Web, Cheboygen, WI
UI Team Leader, Grand Rapids, MI

Rex Rainey, Interactive Design 2005
Deisigner/Illustrator: Fusionary Media – Interactive Agency
Creative Director
Full Circle Creative, Grand Rapids. MI

Tim Reed, Interactive Design 2006
Interactive Designer: GFT

Eli Ross, Interactive Design 2011
Freelance Web Designer, Grand Rapids
Contract Design: Stanley Innerspace,
Grand Rapids, MI
Web Designer
Eden Foods, Clinton MI

Emily Schnieder, Interactive Design 2012
Animate Designer: Petosky News
Web Designer: Stevens Advertising
Print and Interactive Designer: Western Michigan University
Interactive Design 2012 Interactive Designer: Bit Studios,
Grand Rapids, MI

Jaron Siegel, Interactive Design 2009

Brenda Snell, Interactive Design 2015
Visual/UX Designer: KCAD Weblab
Grand Rapids, MI

Deanna Throesch, Interactive Design 2013
User Experience Engineer, Youngsoft, Inc.
Grand Rapids, MI
UI/UX Designer, Dominion Systems
Grand Rapids, MI

Viet Tran, Interactive Design 2009
Interactive Designer: Michigan Dept. of Transportation, Lansing, MI

Amara Van Lente, Interactive Design 2010
Social Media Designer, Pixel Scrapper

James Veinbergs, Interactive Design 2011
Interactive Designer: Biggs-Gilmore,
Kalamazoo, MI

Nell Walters, Imaging 2011
Visual/UX Designer: KCAD Weblab
Grand Rapids, MI

Paul Ward, Interactive Design 2001
Principal: Media Mechanic Interactive

Mike Watson, Interactive Design 2009
Designer:, Columbus, OH

Tyler Wayner, Interactive Design 2014
Graphic/Interactive/Social Media Designer
Alexander Marketing, Grand Rapids

Ciera Weiss, Interactive Design 2016
UX/UI Designer: Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI
UX/UI Design Intern: Priority Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Jat Zawrotny, Interactive 2012
Web Designer
Venue Book, NYC

Abby Ziolowski, Interactive Design 2016
Visual/UX Designer: CQL
Grand Rapids, MI