Careers: Animation and Video for Advertising, Special Effects, Narrative Video, Animated Titles and Info-Graphics delivered via Film, Television, Web and Mobile Media,

Course Software:Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Modo, Animate

MOTION DESIGN students will create works that integrate core Graphic Design skills with Digital Technologies. They will animate layered images and text with 2D and 3D animation software to create motion graphics essential to Television, Video, Film, Mobile Media, and the Web. Students will apply a theoretical understanding of motion graphics design, a detailed working knowledge of a range of contemporary computer graphics software and practical experience gained from a project-based learning program.

Jaime Ekkens Motion Graphics 2007
Motion Graphics Animator, Nickelodeon NY, NY
Senior Motion Graphics Designer: Hearst
Computer Animation – Graduate Program: School of Visual Arts NYC
Motion Graphics Designer: Big Screen
Plaza NYC
Freelance Motion Graphics Designer
Film Maker
"A Life with Aspergers"

Bill Bergen Motion Graphics 2003
Motion Graphics Designer: Vimeo, New York
Art Director of Motion Design at college humor
Senior Motion Designer at and social media


Carly Gussert Video and Motion Graphics, 2014
Design Intern, Eventige Media Group NYC
Junior editor at droga5, NY, NY

Matt Taylor Motion Graphics 2010
Video Producer, Fox 17 WXMI
Grand Rapids, MI
Intern - Motion Design
Blue Pic Studio, Grand Rapids, MI

Margaret Schiefer Motion Graphics 2010
Motion Graphics Designer: Dow Chemical Corp., Midland MI
Motion Graphics Designer
Fresh Water Digital Media Partners
Grand Rapids, MI
Motion/Video Designer
Freshlook Video, Grand Rapids, MI

Eric Bartos Motion Graphis 2008
Motion Graphics Animator:
Production Assistant: Discovery Channel

Chris Carmichael Motion Graphics 2007
Motion Graphics Animator: Radium Studio, Broadcast Advertising, San Francisco, CA

Jericho Castillo Motion Graphics 2014
Freelance Video and Audio Clients:
Bob Coombs Photography / Videographer:TedxGrandRapids
Production Designer
Opus Agency, Beaverton, OR

Shandon Cordosa Motion Graphics 2017
Motion Intern: SDI Consulting

Sean Depottey Motion Graphics 2016
Motion Graphics Designer
Grand Rapids, MI
Freshwater Digital

Brent French Motion Graphics 2014
Digital Media Designer
Village Motor Sports, Grand Rapids, MI

Jake Gabbert Motion Graphics 2016
Motion Graphics Designer, Whirlpool Corp.
Benton Harbor, MI

Marvin Gray Motion Graphics 2013
Freelance Video and Audio Clients: DJ at
the Venue
Recording and Mixing Several Music Artists

Valerie Goniwiecha Motion Graphics 2015
Digital 3D Artist
VML, Kalamazoo, MI

Carl Harlan Motion Graphics 2010
Videographer and Editor: The Geek Group

Joe Hunter Motion Graphics and Interactive Design 2008
Designer: It Works! Marketing, Grand Rapids, MI
Multimedia Digital Designer at WZZM - 13

Natsuki Kato Motion Graphics 2008
Motion Graphics Animator: Postworks – Interactive and Video Agency

Hilary Kempkers Motion Graphics 2008
Motion Graphics Artist: Sanborn Media Factory, New York, NY

Kyle Konechne Motion Graphics 2011
Motion/ Interactive/ Print Designer
environcorp, Chicago IL

Simon Lee Motion Graphics 2013
Johnny Law Motors, Portland, OR

Joel Marshall Motion Graphics 2011
Graphic Designer: Baudville

Tim Maret Motion Design 2016
3D Artist & Designer, Ikon International Group, Elkhart, IN

Theodore Michael Motion Graphics 2011
Photographer / Designer: Planomatic
Metro Detroit, MI

Josh Miller Imaging 2016
Motion Designer: Wood TV
Grand Rapids, MI

Dru Nget Motion Graphics 2006
Motion Graphics animator: Shine Studio Burbank CA
Emmy Nomination: 08-09 outstanding main title design for 'Taking Chance' - HBO
2010: Started own studio: 'DesignReactUnite"
Sr. Designer, Visual/Motion
Samsung SRA, R&D - Think Tank Team

Amber Richardson (Kaminski) Motion Graphics 2010
Freelance Designer/Photographer, Grand Rapids, MI
Digital Media Specialist: Digital Video Services, Grand Rapids, MI

Carlso Salas Motion Graphics 2007
Advertising Designer/Illustrator/Animator: WOOD TV channel 8 advertising dept.,
Grand Rapids, MI

Brandon Shellen Motion Graphics 2015
Intern at Fresh Look Video
Grand Rapids, MI
Motion Graphics Designer: Cox Media Group, Jacksonville, Florida

Case Silva 3D Animation 2010
Motion Graphics Animator
By Hook On Line Media

Isaac Taracks Motion Graphics 2017
Technical Motion Designer: Adecco at YouTube
Motion Designer: Jones Knowles Ritchie

Danielle Taylor Motion Graphics and Interactive Design 2008
Motion Graphics Designer: Great
Lakes Narrowcast

Angela Tidball
Animator, Hook Studios
Ann Arbor, MI

Alex Tomaszewski Motion Graphics 2015
Art Director, Indi-Pop Music
Los Angeles, CA

Ian VanAllsburg Motion Graphics 2011
Audi Visual Supervisor, Amway Grand Hotel
Grand Rapids, MI