Digital Media Graduates will be innovative artists and designers, well prepared to create rich media experiences that combine imaging, animation, sound and interactivity. With substantial flexibility in the degree of specialization/generalization built into the curriculum, students will be able to develop portfolios in one or more of these professional media markets:

• Digital Imaging

• 2D Animation

• 3D Game Art

• Video & Motion Graphics

• Interactive Design

The Digital Media program is designed to provide opportunities that are cross-platform and user-experience driven. They blend self-directed learning with hands-on instruction by experienced professionals. Projects and studio work may be centered around public service content, market driven content or student driven content, while allowing the freedom of creative expression that is necessary for every artist and designer to find their own voice.

Join Us at that’s the Kendall College of Art and Design website. There you can find out what your student experience will be like, where to get financial assistance, laptop requirements and how to apply. You will need to have a portfolio of work as part of your application and we are often asked about what to include. And, the answer is this; show us some passion… sketchbooks full of ideas, observational drawings, drawings from your imagination, design layouts, graphics of any kind… just show us some passion. Once at Kendall, we will mold that passion into a marketable, professional skill-set and we will mold you into a professional, inspired artist or designer.