Kendall Weblab is an on-line media laboratory designd by the students of Kendall College of Art and Design.
animation production art
  • Mikayal Taylor
    Mikayal Taylor
  • Darian Papineau
    Darian Papineau
  • Philip Cragin
    Philip Cragin
  • Ed Kind
    Ed Kind
  • Tropikana
    Mayne, Goff, Gussert, Denny, Beeman
  • Tyler Wayner
    Tyler Wayner
  • Lisa DuBois
    Lisa DuBois
  • Melissa Weil
    Lisa DuBois
  • Cloud Pimentel
    Claudia Pimentel
  • Melissa Weil
    Melissa Weil
  • Lindsay Mathers
    Lindsay Mathers
  • Bob Ward
    Bob Ward
  • McCoy Khamphouy
    McCoy Khamphouy
  • Ahmad Phillips
    Ahmad Phillips
  • Taylor Overbey
    Taylor Overbey
  • Renae Reed
    Renae Reed
  • Jessica Bradham
    Jessica Bradham
  • Jacob Emmons
    Jacob Emmons
  • Chase Goff
    Chase Goff
  • Randy Stewart
    Randy Stewart
  • Kait Mayne
    Kait Mayne
  • Eloisa Encarnacion
    Eloisa Encarnacion
  • Ashlee Varekois
    Ashlee Varekois
  • Krista Hill
    Krista Hill
  • Josh Schimke
    Josh Schimke
  • Kate Flynn
    Kate Flynn