Kendall Weblab is an on-line media laboratory designd by the students of Kendall College of Art and Design.
game production art
  • Super Dungeon Team
    Super Dungeon Team
  • Corey McGill
    Corey McGill
  • Emma Kerr
    Emma Kerr
  • CardPG
    Justin Ludwig and Natalie Budnick
  • Rayna Brewster
    Rayna Brewster
  • Krista Hill
    Krista Hill
  • Krista Hill
    Krista Hill
  • Sara Pionke
    Sara Pionke
  • Lisa Dubois
    Lisa Dubois
  • EdgyVeggie
    Spackman, Overbey, DeHoog, Gordon
  • Jake McVey
    Jake McVey
  • McCoy Kamphouy
    McCoy Kamphouy
  • McCoy Kamphouy
    McCoy Kamphouy
  • Megan Stein
    Megan Stein
  • Nell Walters
    Nell Walters
  • Nguyen, Kinner, Chan, Burns
    Nguyen, Kinner, Chan, Burns
  • Bobby Babcock
    Bobby Babcock
  • Megan Stein
    Megan Stein
  • Santiago, McCloy, Brewster
    Santiago, McCloy, Brewster
  • Zerkle, Uhazie, Manikas, Leathers
    Zerkle, Uhazie, Manikas, Leathers
  • Nathan Manikas
    Nathan Manikas
  • Alyn Tran
    Alyn Tran
  • Amy Lilacy
    Amy Lilacy
  • Gabrielle Aleman Gordon
    Gabrielle Aleman Gordon
  • Jessica Newton
    Jessica Newton
  • Shelby Newman
    Shelby Newman
  • Tina Uhazie
    Tina Uhazie
  • Encarnacion, Babcock,Stein, Ho
    Encarnacion, Babcock,Stein, Ho
  • Hannah Kennedy
    Hannah Kennedy