Kendall Weblab is an on-line media laboratory designd by the students of Kendall College of Art and Design.
interactive games
  • Chloe Stewart
    Chloe Stewart
  • Ethan Smith
    Ethan Smith
  • John Ladebauche
    John Ladebauche
  • Gab Schwall
    Gab Schwall
  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith
  • Red Flag
    Rise of the Red Flag
  • Justin Ludwig
    Justin Ludwig
  • Abby Archambault
    Abby Archambault
  • Jake McVey
    Jake McVey
  • Tyler Wayner
    Tyler Wayner
  • Jacob Becker
    Jacob Becker
  • Hillary Howell
    Hillary Howell
  • Tukasz Wieczorek
    Tukasz Wieczorek
  • Tyler Flory
    Tyler Flory
  • Jenn Roon
    Jenn Roon
  • Gabrielle Aleman-Gordon
    Gabrielle Aleman-Gordon
  • John Vanderburg
    John Vanderburg
  • Symphony Milner
    Symphony Milner
  • Taylor Overbey
    Taylor Overbey
  • Taylor Overbey
    Taylor Overbey - Video
  • Lindsay Mathers
    Lindsay Mathers
  • Devin Slattery
    Devin Slattery
  • Kristin Chapman
    Kristin Chapman
  • Ben Pozniak
    Ben Pozniak
  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel Pierce
  • Troy Look
    Troy Look
  • Brooke Bennett
    Brooke Bennett
  • Jay Zawrotny
    Jay Zawrotny
  • Tieka Dierolf
    Tieka Dierolf
  • Brenda Snell
    & Brown Bear Studios