Kendall Weblab is an on-line media laboratory designd by the students of Kendall College of Art and Design.
interactive informational
  • Sensiware
  • Autism Procedures
    Autism Procedures
  • Zach Magee
    Zach Magee
  • Abigail Ziolkowski
    Abigail Ziolkowski
  • Overcoming Bullying
    Overcoming Bullying
  • Sean DePottey
    Sean DePottey
  • Amplify Virtual Field Trip
    Amplify Virtual Field Trip
  • Spanning the Straights
    Melissa Boverhof
  • Infinity Mode
    Infinity Mode - Website
  • Jake McVey
    Jake McVey
  • Elise Tarsa
    Elise Tarsa
  • Ciera Weiss
    Ciera Weiss
  • Brenda Snell
    Brenda Snell
  • Paul Bush
    Paul Bush
  • Kyle Konechne
    Kyle Konechne
  • Carlos Wisniewski
    Carlos Wisniewski
  • Vu Nyugen
    Vu Nyugen
  • Tony Ellison
    Tony Ellison
  • Cody Sielawa
    Cody Sielawa
  • Drew Kukawka
    Drew Kukawka
  • Kaylee Costello
    Kaylee Costello
  • Deanna Throesch
    Deanna Throesch
  • Samantha Harding
    Samantha Harding
  • Chris Oosting
    Chris Oosting
  • Survive Global Climate Change
  • Understanding Detroit
  • Krista Hill
  • Hop
    Hop Team