What is Kaiju Beat? (artwork above created by: Nicholas Marino)

Smash, kick, and DESTROY all the buildings in each district before your enemies can defeat you! But make sure you attack to the beat. Hit enemies consecutively without getting hit yourself to build your power meter and increase your hit streak.

The environment is your enemy! Buildings have been modified to fight back against the Kaiju rage. Trees have bombs, the prison has guns, the hillbilly trailers have lighting. And that's just the Outskirts! Navigate your way through these obstacles, causing as much destruction as possible in order to reign supreme as King of the Kaiju!


• Choose to play as a variety of creative monsters, including the ferocious Gorillazilla and the putrid Humongous Fungus!
• Smash your way through a set of unique levels, such as the Outskirts, Suburbs, Residentials, and dense Business Districts.

• Each character has a special power up: Humungous Fungus has a noxious Gas Cloud, Gorillazilla unleashes a Blasting Roar, and Bogdog belts out a devistating Sonic Bark.
• Set the pace of the monster by selecting the music tempo.

Here's a demo of what to expect! (Compiled by Nicki Slater, Josh Workman, and Nicholas Marino)