Destruction! (created by: Nicholas Marino)

Concept art showing Gorillazilla invading and destroying the city.

Designs for some guns in the game! (created by: Darien Papineau)

A concept design for some of the gun enemies in the game.

Building Concepts! (created by: Nicholas Marino)

This line art shows the possibilities of some of the architectual design featured in Kaiju Beat!

City Background Concepts! (created by: Nicholas Marino)

These concepts display some of the backgrounds for the city level of Kaiju Beat!

Frankenrat! (created by: Joshua Workman)

Frankenrat was a character concept for Kaiju Beat. One of his moves included attacking with an electricity-surged headbutt; whatever he hits gets shocked and a forehead to the face!

Romp Chomp! (created by Joshua Workman)

Romp Chomp was another character concept for Kaiju Beat. One of his moves was called Tsunami Slam and he slams his fists/forearms on the ground, causing shockwaves of water to rise up and destroy buildings with tsunami-like power!

Finalized Buildings! (created by: Nicholas Marino)

Concept art showing what the buildings look like as they are destroyed.

Concept Art for Humungous Fungus (created by: Kyle Smith)

This concept shows off some of the moves Humungous Fungus does in game.

Some Enemy Art! (created by: Nicholas Marino)

Some concept art showing off the Walkers! They may hurt but can they stand up to the mighty Kaiju?

Flying Enemies! (created by: Nicki Slater)

The finalized flying enemies of Kaiju Beat. They are an annoying foe, but are they enough to take down the Kaiju?